Zythor (125 lb) 

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Zythor Fumigant - sulfuryl fluoride gas fumigant that controls drywood termites, bed bugs, German cockroaches and other insects, in buildings, warehouses, and other structures.

Zythor (125 lb) specializes as a gas fumigant and whole-home fumigant. Zythor features SO2F2 (sulfuryl fluoride) which has high penetrating power as a fumigant, and is non-staining, non-corrosive and non-flammable. Zythor also features:

  • contains the active ingredient Sulfuryl Fluoride (99.3%)
  • as opposed to a termite spot treatment, works as a whole house termite treatment      
  • ensures complete elimination of drywood termite infestations, as a whole-house termite treatment
  • restricted use pesticide

Zythor comes as a 125 lb cylinder each.

Controlled Pest: rodents, bed bugs, termites. roaches, other listed pests.

Use on: dwellings, buildings, warehouses, mobile homes, automobiles, buses, recreational vehicles, surface ships, shipping containers, rail cars, other listed areas.

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Zythor (125 lb)
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