Companion Maxx 2-0-1 (2.5 gal) 

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Companion® Maxx 2-0-1 - liquid bio fertilizer that enhances nutrient uptake and improves overall plant soil nutrition, on greenhouse plants, fairways, flower beds and more. Includes bacillus subtilis microbes.

Companion® Maxx Liquid combines the power of Bacillus subtilis to convert the complex form of essential nutrients to a simple form used by plant roots. This product’s bacterium enhances nutrient uptake and the kelp provides a source of potash and food for beneficial microbes. The ingredients in Companion® Maxx work together to improve overall soil nutrition for plant growth.


Companion® Maxx 2-0-1 features include:

  • Liquid formulation with Bacillus subtilis
  • Enhances nutrient uptake


UNIT OF MEASURE 2.5 gallons/jug
  2 jugs/case
Vendor Item # 30363

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Companion Maxx 2-0-1 (2.5 gal)
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