Cutrine Plus (gal) 

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Cutrine Plus Algaecide and Herbicide is a liquid algaecide that effectively controls a broad range of algae, specifically surface filamentous and planktonic algae. It also controls the rooted plant, Hydrilla.

This fast-working product takes effect within 1 to 2 days of being added to the water source. Treated water can be used immediately for animals/livestock, fishing, and swimming.

- Double chelated formula
- Works well in hard water

Use:  lakes, potable water reservoirs, ponds, fish hatcheries and raceways, and crop and non-crop irrigation conveyance systems

Active Ingredient:  Elemental copper 9%

1 gallon/jug
4 jugs/case

Vendor Item #390104A


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Cutrine Plus (gal)
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