Brandt Super 7 Surfactant (1gal) 

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Brandt Super 7 Surfactant (1gal) is a multi-functional, non-ionic surfactant that enhances pesticide effectiveness and activity. Super 7 Surfactant (1gal) is a low foam surfactant, penetrant, acidifier and deposition aid that compatible with most water and oil soluble pesticides and foliar nutrients. Super 7 Surfactant (1gal) decreases the surface tension of spray solutions, along with reducing the shattering of droplets that contact leaf surfaces.

Application: non-ionic surfactant.

Use on: vegetation management, agricultural, horticultural, aquatic and other listed areas.


UNIT OF MEASURE 1 gallon each

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Brandt Super 7 Surfactant (1gal)
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