Snake Out Snake Repellent (4 lb) 

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Snake Out Snake Repellent - snake repellent dust, that repells snakes around the home, and around yards, gardens, and more. Features cinnamon, clove and cedar oil.

Snakes are one of the top phobias, going back thousands of years. In fact, they are one of the most feared pests in the world. Your Pest Management Professional (PMP) can use Snake Out to help repel snakes so you wont have to worry about using harsh materials that could harm your family, pets and property.  Of the 2,700 species of snakes, 250 species can be found in the United States. Each year in the U.S. alone, there are approximately 45,000 victims of snake bites, including non-venomous bites. Of that number, about 8,000 are venomous snake bites, and 1015 people die each year.  Now Pest Management Professionals can use Snake Out Snake Repellent, a specially formulated dust, to help keep snakes away, plus homeowners dont have to worry about using harsh materials that could harm their families, pets and property. You and I may like the smell of pumpkin pies, but snakes dont. Snake Out actually repels snakes, using active ingredients like natural cinnamon and clove oils.

Use:  Behind existing walls, ceilings and any horizontal space, attics, floors and crawl spaces, and drains

Active Ingredients: Cinnamon Oil 0.6%, Clove Oil 0.3%, Cedar Oil 3.1%


UNIT OF MEASURE 4 lb/bottle
  6 bottles/case
Vendor Item # 30-348

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Snake Out Snake Repellent (4 lb)
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