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Bac A Zap - natural odor eliminator, that gets rid of offensive odors in garbage cans, sink drains, shower drains and more. Features special blend of seven microbe strains.

The eco friendly formula of Bac Azap is made o provide powerful odor elimination with pleasant scent. Bac Azap has a unique blend of seven microbe strains which consume organic materials that cause odors.  Thus, for dumpsters, dead rodents, animal orders, and even skunk, Bac Azap will work effectively.  It is also useful for foaming into drains to keep commercial kitchens working at peak performance.
It works on any organic odor and stops odors in wall voids.   Bac Azap may be diluted and utilized in a fogging device to remove odor in confined areas.  Bac Azap also removes grease build up in drains and is a biodegradable, salmonella free, non caustic, non pathogenic, non staining product.

Application: odor eliminator.

Use: Indoors and outdoors. Drains, food preparation areas, bathrooms, wall voids, crawl spaces, basements, walls, floors, carpets, and other listed uses


UNIT OF MEASURE 1 gallon/jug
  4 jugs/case
Vendor Item # 30102

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Bac A Zap (gal)
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