Niban Granular Bait (4 lb) 

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Niban Granular Bait works to trap for ants, cockroaches, earwigs, slugs and more. Using orthoboric acid, Niban Granular features tougher, weatherized granules to last longer, as well as a comfort grip on the bottle.

Unlike other granules Niban-FG will not degrade in sunlight or in heat and will last through 4 of rain.  Niban-FG is a superior granular bait, in a convenient comfort grip bottle, formulated with a concern for the environment. It is specially formulated with a powerful borate compound that kills insectsand only insects. Borates are a naturally occurring mineral that is mined in California. Niban works by taking advantage of specific traits in the biologic makeup of cockroaches, ants, and other insects. Rather than using toxicity to kill, Nibans borate formula, when ingested, makes the pest unable to extract nutrition from the food it eats by disrupting the metabolic process. Even though the insect continues to eat and digest, it cannot gain nutrition from the food and it starves to death.  Boron is a naturally occurring element that is an essential micronutrient for plants and animals. We consume boron everyday in vegetables and salads. Boron is also a common element in cosmetics,  soaps and ceramics. Because insects cannot excrete liquids boron builds up in their system and locks onto the molecules that break down sugar. With those essential molecules blocked the insect can digest sugars but cannot convert them to energy and the result is starvation of the colony. Humans, as well as other mammals, birds, fish and amphibians can excrete liquids and therefore boron does not build up in our systems. We simply use the boron we need and excrete the rest in our urine.  Interestingly enough, this mode of action does not affect the insects central nervous system, so insects cannot develop resistance to Niban-FG. This makes Niban-FG an excellent choice for those tough to control areas.

Target Pest:  multiple species of ants, cockroaches, crickets and mole crickets, silverfish, earwigs, slugs, snails, and other listed pests

For use on:  in and around homes, apartments, garages, public and private institutions, schools, hotels, hospitals, pet stores, zoos, warehouses, restaurants, and other listed uses

Active Ingredient: Orthoboric Acid 5/0%


4 lb/bottle
6 bottles/case
Orthoboric Acid

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Niban Granular Bait (4 lb)
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