Bora Care (250 gal) 

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Bora Care - wood treatment for termites, for use as a termite pretreatment in new construction sites, and also treats and prevents termite infestations. Features disodium octaborate tetrahydrate.

Bora-care (gal) commercial is used for commercial structure new construction termite treatments.  Bora-Care Commercial is a borate-based, EPA-registered primary termiticide.  Bora-care is applied during new constructions to all steel, concrete, wood & other building materials 2FT up from the foundation as well as to foundation penetrations such as pipe  & conduit penetrations & expansion joints. It creates a barrier at the foundation of the structure; termites cannot build tubes across treated material to gain access to the structure.  Also, Bora-care speeds up the building process by allowing treatment during any time of the dried-in phase of construction before the insulation is installed. Furthermore, it helps to get slabs poured quickly. Getting the slab poured is a critical milestone in the construction process, and now having the pretreatment done doesn't delay the pour.  Using Bora-Care can earn builders green points in many green building programs.

Target Pests:  Drywood termites, wood destroying beetles, carpenter ants, decay fungi, and other listed pests.

For use on:  Termite pretreatment for new constructions, whole house treatments, remedial treatments, and other listed uses.


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Bora Care (250 gal)
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