Abatix HD Adhesive Spray(12oz) 

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This versatile web spray adhesive combines advanced polymer systems for true multipurpose performance. Ideal for use whenever you need to quickly bond two materials, this pressure sensitive product can be used on plastics, wood, corrugated, paper, cork fiberboard, rubber, cloth, leather, and more.

Waterproof, flexible, and non-staining, this special product can be used for temporary or permanent bonds and is formulated with a total solids content sufficient for bonding even to porous surfaces such as unpainted cinder block or plywood. The fast initial tack and high strength ultimate bond make it extremely easy to work with for a variety of applications from affixing labels to bonding templates.

Formulated with the environment in mind, this product contains no chlorinated solvents or ozone depleters. Not intended for use on vinyl or in temperatures above 130 degrees F.

- Web Spray, Pressure Sensitive, Medium Solids
- Fast Tack, High Bond Strength
- Temporary or Permanent Bonds
- Waterproof and Non-Staining
- Nonchlorinated and Non-Ozone Depleting
- HMIS Rating: Health-2; Flammability-3; Reactivity-0; Personal Protection-B

Use on:  Plastics, wood,  corrugated, paper, cork, fiberboard, rubber, cloth, leather, and more

12 oz/can
12 cans/case

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Abatix HD Adhesive Spray(12oz)
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